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Caribbean Property Development partners with landlords and tenants to facilitate rental or leasing agreements. We not only rent homes, apartments and condominiums, but also commercial spaces and land.

How do we help property owners and landlords?

There are many different views to renting property. Some people have become very fruitful from finding tenants to occupy their rentals while the task has been quite daunting and costly for others. At Caribbean Property Development, we aim to satisfy our clients. By listing your property with us, you are presenting your property to local and international prospects. We screen all interested prospects for you to ensure your time is invested in only the most beneficial candidates to rent or lease your property. Our real estate agents can help you set up your lease agreement as well as develop and plan a winning marketing strategy to benefit the most on your real estate venture.

How do we help tenants?

We know it’s not easy trying to find the right rental. There are often restrictions that come along these properties that don’t allow you as much customization as you would like. With help from Caribbean Property Development, you’ll be able to easily find the property to suit your needs despite the lack of your personal customizations. Our agents will help you find the property, negotiate leases or rental agreements and even handle renewals on your behalf. We will be by your side throughout the entire deal to ensure your long-term satisfaction with the property.

The prices of property rentals in Belize vary primarily by location. Usually the most expensive rentals properties are in Belize City, Placencia and Ambergris Caye.

Other areas in Belize have much lower rental rates. There, you can find traditional 3-bedroom homes for less than USD $1000. Smaller homes in more rural areas can be found for as little as USD $200.

Updated, North American styled homes with air conditioning, modern appliances and swimming pool will be at higher rates no matter what part of the country you’re looking. But as with all cases, negotiations are always welcomed to get the best possible price for the property.

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