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Belize is one of the hottest retirement destinations in the world. The abundance of diversity packed into the little size of this great country is unmatched anywhere else in the world.  From its “best of both worlds” geography of Mayan Mountains inland and beautiful cayes on the coast to its multicultural people, to its countless options of outdoor activities; Belize can captivate the heart of any visitor. There are many options available if you want to retire in Belize.

Retire in Belize with a Tourist Card

A tourist card is the cheapest and probably the easiest way to stay in Belize legally since there are no long-term commitments to the country with this option.

Requirements & Restrictions:

  • Get 30-day entry pass with a passport stamp upon arrival by land, air or sea
  • After the first 30 days are up, go to the immigration office to renew the tourist card. The fee is USD $25/month for the first six months then USD $50/month thereafter.
  • You can buy/rent property in Belize
  • You cannot work for pay
  • There is no guarantee that you can renew your tourist status indefinitely

Belize Qualified Retirement Persons Incentives Program

Belize legislature passed the Qualified Retired Persons Incentives Act in 1999. When you retire in Belize with the QRP program, you’re gaining official residency and other great benefits like tax-free entry into the country for your household items including a car, boat and even airplane.

Requirements & Restrictions:

  • Applicants must be 45 years or older
  • Dependents are included in the program (spouse and children under 18 years – children under 23 are accepted if they are enrolled in a university)
  • Monthly income bust be at least USD $2,000.00 (sources may be US Social Security, a pension or annuity)
  • Background Check
  • Application form submitted to the Belize Tourism Board (must include: birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), police record, passport, proof of income, medical exam (including AIDS test), and front and side photos of applicants and all dependents)
  • Applicant cannot work for pay in Belize

Retire in Belize by becoming an Official Permanent Resident

By becoming an official permanent resident of Belize, has similar benefits to that of the QRP program but also has some additional advantages like no monthly local deposits required, exempted from exit taxes and you will be eligible to vote in local elections.

Requirements & Restrictions:

  • Proof of financials
  • Must live in Belize for one (1) full year before you can apply (cannot leave the country for more than 14 days within in this period)
  • Application form to be submitted to the Belize Immigration & Nationality Dept. (Include: passport, evidence of being in the country for one year, alien registration for applicant & family, birth certificate of all applicants, marriage certificate, recent local bank statement, temporary work permit if you were working and income tax statement)
  • Cost varies by nationality. Rates are between USD $250 to $5,000. (Americans pay USD $1,000 per person)

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